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Rhodoferax ferrireducens

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Does anybody know how I could get ahold of these little critters?:
rhodoferax ferrireducens
Paden Roder
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Tom Mattson

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I have no idea, but I've changed the name of this thread to "rhodoferax ferrireducens". The title "How?" is not going to attract any of our biology gurus.


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I did a "google" search on "rhodoferax ferrireducens"
and found that it is a "phototrophic purple nonsulfur bacterium" which, apparently has the ability to convert sugar directly into electrity!

I would recommend that you do your own google search and then contact the laboratories named in the references. I strongly suspect you will not find it at K-Mart!
haha, yes, probably not at walmart. I have already emailed these laboratories, but I was wondering if anybody on PF would know. :wink:
Thanks guys.
Paden Roder

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