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Ride Frequency of a Suspension

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    How to calculate ride frequency for a vehicle by using Ride rate and Sprung Mass?
    What are the parameters for right comfort level?
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    Ranger Mike

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    what kind of vehicle
    what terrain?
    what is weight
    what kind of tires..you have many varibales that have to be addressed before proper springs can be selected
    see psot

    Jul22-09, 11:03 AM

    Race car suspension Class
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    It is an army troop carrier.
    It is an off road vehicle.
    Its GVW is 12 Ton and payload is 2 Ton.
    Tyres used are 10R20 crossply...
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    Ranger Mike

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    i am out of my league on this one but suspect the math is the same..suggest you read the following post as background on basic spring rate calculations

    Race car suspension Class ( 1 2 3)
    Ranger Mike

    Sep12-09 10:51 AM
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