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News Righties Writing?

  1. Jul 27, 2004 #1
    Out of nowhere, many more politically right-leaning posters now seem to be providing their opinions. Or have I been blind in the past?
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    I haven't noticed any particular trend over the few months I have been here.

    If we are going to be honest, we will admit that the college crowd, at least in the U.S., tends to be left-of-center relative to the broader cross section of the country. And I think it can be said that those of us who, like myself, are non-academics, are a minority here. So it follows that this site is on average left-leaning.
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    I've found it in the past to be left of left. Because of this forum, I've found it difficult to pay my dues, so to speak, as I've done before.
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    I rarely post in this forum, but I know precisely
    what happened - Zero's not the mentor here anymore.
    And that means people with ALL legitimate opinions
    can now freely express themselves. :wink:
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    I like Zero and all,but that is a large reason why I started involving myself in here again.
    There's alsot he lack of the FARRRRR left people that typically just started spouting conspiracy or emotional rants, and I find it enjoyable to actually be having a debate with someone, even when I fully disagree with them.
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