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RLC circuits question

  1. Apr 7, 2005 #1

    ive got a problem with a series rlc circuit

    it has 2 500pF capacitors and 1 80mh Inductor and one 2.0K ohm resistor circuit has a freqency of 55 KHZ

    trying to calculate total impedance im getting the wrong answer

    im getting:

    Xc= 1.93 kohms
    Xl = 27.6 kohms

    xl-xc = 25.7 kohms

    so my final answer is Zt=(2.0+25.7j)

    but the real answer is (2.0+16.07j)

    please help haha
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    You need to tell us the circuit configuration, other wise how can we know what is in parallel and what is in series? Or even if the circuit can be reduced.
    That is the input frequency or the natural frequency.

    Please elaborate on your question/problem.
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    nevermind figured it out...made a calculation error haha :biggrin:
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    Ok good luck, just take what I said for future posts then please it will make answer them easier.
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