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Robotics - Need for minor axes?

  1. Mar 21, 2012 #1
    I am just reading an introductory text on Industrial Robotics.
    It talks about 3 Major Axes and 3 Minor Axes and Yaw, Pitch and Roll.

    I am still confused as to the need for the minor axes. You locate the gripper at any point in spaces, 3 axes should be enough right? So what's the need for the 3 minor axes?
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    Can you give more detail on these major/minor axes?

    You need 6 pieces of information to describe an object's exact orientation and location in 3D space: 3 distances for location and 3 angles for orientation.

    For robotics, a rotation is usually described by the order of rotation: x - y - z. So Roll about x_0 by thetaA, pitch about y_0 by thetaB, roll about z_0 by thetaC. This is for the first rotation. Successive rotations are also WRT to the fixed frame.
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    Most textbooks on industrial robotics (schilling etc) call the 1st 3 joint axes which position the end-effector/gripper as major axis & the next 3rd joint axes which orient it as minor axes.

    Yes, this is clear now. I was asked the question when I had just started reading the book. Once I reached the orientation part, it became clear.

    Till then, I was thinking of the end effector as a point rather than an object and hence the orientation part wasn't obvious to me.
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