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Rocket car

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    i used to do model rocketry but have given it up for some time...i was rummaging through old stuff and found about 10 C-sized motors and began thinking what i could do with them.

    if i find some spare time i might make a simple rocket car or rocket boat. however, do ppl have tips (other than putting a big inverted aerofoil on the car/boat) so it doesn't do this? ---> http://www.big-boys.com/articles/rocketcar.html
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    Uh, well, a power to weight ratio below 1 will at least keep it near the ground...

    IIRC, a C motor generates like 5lb of thrust.
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    wish the folks hadnt chucked my old rockets in a box in the attic...would've been cool to do a synched display of all of them with synchronised ignition...bit like the shuttle takeoffs in armegeddon, without all the yelling from willis.
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