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Rotating seat in a rocket?

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    Hey guys, this is my first post here. I found the forum because I've been thinking about a scenario and I can't figure out what would happen, and well what better place to ask about this than a place called "physicsforum.com" :D.

    Ok so here it is: Imagine you are strapped to a seat inside of a rocket. This rocket's engine gives the vehicle a constant acceleration equivalent to say 4 G's. At some moment, you turn the seat around so that you go from facing forward to backward in let's say .5 seconds.

    My question is, what would happen to your body in this scenario. Particularly, what kind of forces would your organs feel. I've only studied physics up to now treating everything as a particle, but clearly this doesn't work for my scenario. Thanks.
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    Thanks for that linkk Jeff, it was pretty interesting. However I'm still curious about this rotating scenario. What kind of forces would your body experience in such a rotating motion. Wouldn't there be a big acceleration in a short period of time as your organs go from pressing against the inside of your back to the inside of your front.
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    Depends a lot on what kind of straps you have holding you into the seat doesn't it? While rotating, no, there wouldn't be "a short period of time as your organs gofrom pressing against the inside of your back to the inside of your front". There would be a continuous "rolling" of pressure around your body.
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