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I Saw this at work -- an air bubble trapped right under the water stream

  1. Feb 16, 2017 #1
    Not really sure what's happening here, did a short search online to see if anyone else has documented this before.

    (If it's not clear from the photo, there seems to be a air bubble trapped right under the stream)

    It sustained itself for a couple minutes, took a short video of it too before it collapsed can't seem to recreate it by adjusting water flow.

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    I don't find that the least bit surprizing. I can't give you a physics explanation but it is not particularly rare.
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    likewise have seen it often ... kitchen tap etc

    Tho, like phinds, I am not sure of the process, it reminds me of the venturi effect (?) you see with a balloon over a nozzle that air is coming out of
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    Surface tension.
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