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Scim rotor rmf

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    is the rotor rotating magnetic field(R-RMF) present in squirrel cage induction motor (SCIM).

    Is it same as in 3 phase ROTOR winding of slip ring induction motor (SRIM), generating rotor RMF.

    * THE 3 phase, supply given to stator 3 phase winding of SRIM, generates (RMF), which cuts the rotor 3 phase winding of SRIM, now this flux cutting action results in emf induction and thus current flow in 3 phase rotor winding of SRIM, due to current, the rotor winding generates its own RMF, this RMF is stationery with respect to stator RMF, thus torque production.

    so now, is the above described pattern same in SCIM too, if yes, then how is ROTOR RMF generated, with just rotor bars short circuited with end rings (ie in absence of 3 phase rotor winding).
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