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Second Sino-Japanese War, Japanese Radio Broadcasts

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    I had heard from a friend that during World War II, Japan had openly broadcasted over the radios about atrocities committed, detailing rape and murder of Chinese women and men, by Japanese forces. My friend told me he heard this over a television program. He did not cite sources. If there is information regarding this, can somebody please cite sources backing or refuting my friend's statements..

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    This BBC News article seems to confirm that the "Rape of Nanjing" was reported in Japanese newspapers. Westerners were in the city at the time and were able to report what happened. The Japanese Army took many pictures of the carnage. I can only speculate on the motivation. The Japanese had taken Shanghai with some difficulty, and the size of the Chinese Army was much larger than Japan's, although poorly equipped and led. By setting this gruesome example, perhaps the Japanese wanted to bring China to its knees by terror. Ir's also been said that the quick surrender of the Chinese Army at Nanjing caused the Japanese to lose respect for the Chinese, given the Japanese code of Bushido which forbids surrender. No such massacre was ever reported in Shanghai. Perhaps the Japanese Army wanted to impress on its own solders as to what happens to those who don't fight.

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