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Self-inductance of a resistor

  1. Mar 20, 2005 #1
    does anybody know how to calculate the self-inductance of a resistor in a series A.C resistive capacitive circuit?
    (have values for supply voltage, R voltage, C voltage, current)
    any help at all would be much appreciated
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    A resistor's self-inductance is a property of the resistor itself, dependent on its type (e.g., wire-wound, etc.), shape, size, etc. Usually a resistor's self-inductance is very small and only significant at very high frequencies. What AC frequencies are you considering?? If at very high frequencies, are you also considering the self-inductance of the connecting wires between components?? What is your intended application?? What are your resistor's specifications (type, physical characteristics, etc.)??

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    the frequency range im using is 1-10kHz, im not considering the self inductance of the wires, i only need the value for a later part of my investigation (to take into account when evaluating in inductive circuit) although the only the only information i have on the resistor is it's actual resistance.
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    The self-inductance of a "Wire-Wound Resistor" (usually used for precision purposes) is probably in the neighborhood of 1 μH (1 x 10(-6) Henry). The self-inductance of other resistor types can probably be estimated with that due to a straight wire having the length=("S" in cm) and radius=("R" in cm) of the resistor (plus leads) and given by:
    L {in μH = 10(-6) H} = (0.002)*S*{Loge(2*S/R) - (3/4)}
    which is presented in Eq #3 of the following reference:
    http://www.wireductsales.com/knowledge/docs/noise_appnote.htm [Broken]

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    Thanks for your help, much appreciated
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