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Seperating mixtures

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    I have just done a lab in which we seperated NaCl, NH4Cl, and SiO2.

    To seperate first the mixture was heated and the Nh4Cl sublimed (in which i measured teh content by mass loss)

    Then I extracted the NaCl using soluability by adding water then evaporating the water leaving the Table salt to be weighed.

    Last the wet Sio2 was left and it was just heated to get a constant mass.

    Im trying to figure out if its possible to seperate this in a differnt order, or will it not work properly. Im thinkings its not possible because you must first seperate the solid and the liquid to properly measure the solids weight.

    Does this seem right?
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    by different order are you referring to, perhaps, dissolving the solid mixture in water first?
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