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Calculators Setting up Fraction on TI-89

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    Ok, so I have a TI-89 Titanium Edition calculator. I want to know how to setup fractions on it. Like I want to be able to do it like on a regular scientific calculator where you somethign like 2 Ab/c3 and then that would give you 2 over 3 (2/3). Is it possible to set up a fraction in the calcualtor like that? I know it wouldnt be the same button and stuff, but how woudl I do it? Thanks!
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    A fraction can be set up by simply formatting it as a division term. If you want to add, say, 3/7 and 8/13, just type 3 (divided by) 7 (plus) 8 (divided by) 13. The solution will appear as 95/91, the exact solution, or you can have the approximate solution by pressing the diamond key before entering the expression.
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