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Shear stress energy tensor in GR

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    Where can I found an expressionfor the shear stress tensor in GR with some explanation about it?


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    Sorry but I've never heard about such a thing. There's a stress-energy-momentum tensor. Is that what you're referring to?

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    Yes, I think you could define pressure in the stress-energy tensor to contain shear stress contributions. This tensor is a conserved quantity, which a pure shear stress tensor in relativity would not necessarily be.
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    As I recall, the stress energy tensor will include both shear and non-shear stress. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure Lorentz transformations can transform non-shear stress into shear stress. This causes some interesting paradoxes to arise, such as the lever paradox pointed out by genxhis in

    this thread
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    Yes, for not perfect fluid.

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