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Should I take up MSc or discontinue?

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    I have completed my 6th semester BSc exams on April-2015 and awaiting results. My idea was to discontinue for an year so that I can take up entrance exams for MSc in better institutions (I am interested in physics). But people around me say that it is a bad idea. I need suggestions. Is there a way to take up MSc abroad with scholarships (my total percentage till date is 83)?
    And also can anyone tell me the details of GATE exams?
    Also if were to discontinue, are there any fellowships that I can take up?
    I really need your advice.

    Thank you
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    When you say you want to take up entrance exams for MSc in better institutions, do you means institutions in India or abroad?

    Why would people say it's a bad idea?

    Sure, you can. 83% is a really good score, depending on where you are enrolled. But, you must understand the competition is very stiff, and you would be well advised to apply to a number of schools that fall into either one of top-tier, mid-tier and low-tier to salvage at least a couple of offers in case you don't get into your dream school. Scholarships usually come in the form of TA'ships and RA'ships, but you might be interested to look into other forms of scholarships on offer.
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    Hi failexam,
    I want to take up entrance exam for institutions in India.
    If I were to enroll to MSc abroad, what are the exams I have to write?
    Also can help me by mentioning few such scholarships to which I can apply?

    Thank you very much.
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    If you want to apply to universities in North America, for instance, you would have to sit for the GRE General and the Physics GRE exams.

    The GRE General tests your verbal and basic maths skills, while the Physics GRE tests your knowledge of the first 2-3 years of your undergraduate physics courses. Having said that, different universities have different requirements - some universities may not require the Physics GRE test, for instance. Therefore, it's important to pick your chosen field of study within Physics, find a few graduate schools with strong research group pertaining to your chosen field, and then to check their requirements.

    As for scholarships, the government of India might offer scholarships to students wishing to study abroad. You might want to check on the internet for such scholarships that you might be eligible for and the corresponding application criteria. Also, the universities you apply to should have a webpage devoted to financial aid solutions, where they might cite various other sources of funding you might be eligible for.
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    Ok, thanks a lot :smile:
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