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Should the average undergrad be able to solve most of Griffiths' QM problems?

  1. Dec 7, 2012 #1
    I am a third year physics major and am studying quantum mechanics using Griffiths' textbook.

    I can do most of the problems with one star or no stars with relatively little effort, but a lot of the problems with three stars I find very difficult and I cannot do them at all.

    For the average undergraduate physics major taking quantum mechanics, should I be able to solve all of Griffiths question? Am I doing bad if I can't solve a lot of his three star problems?
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    That is perfectly normal. Typically professors will give hints on 3-star problems or students will discuss them with others and/or a teaching assistant. After obtaining some necessary "trick" through these discussions, the problems become much simpler, generally. Students that solve all of those problems by themselves at your stage are exceptional.
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