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Sign Convention - Physics - Optics

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    [SOLVED] Sign Convention - Physics - Optics

    I was just looking at some sign conventions and I was wondering if this is true:

    Along the principle axis, if Si > 0, then does that mean you have a real, inverted image?

    Also along the principle axis, if So < 0, then does that mean you have a virtual, upright image?

    Thanks in Advance!
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    Doc Al

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    If you're talking about the typical Gaussian sign convention for a thin lens (where the thin lens equation is [itex]1/S_i + 1/S_o = 1/f[/itex]) and a typical real object (So > 0), then yes.

    Assuming you meant Si < 0 (and with the above caveats), then yes again.
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    thanks alot!
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