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Significance of 47

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    Is there a significance of the number '47' in the 'Basic Structure' of the universe? Does this number represents in any way the basis of the structure of the universe?
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    Well, without it, we wouldn't have anything to come after 46...
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    It's 42, and no, it's just a cheeky science fiction book. It doesn't mean anything.
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    It would help if you told us why you think so.

    But it sounds a lot like Numerology. This is the dark art of torturing numbers until they'll say anything you want them to.

    Proof that the Eiffel tower was actually a gift from aliens comes from the fact that it's height in cubits is exactly equal to the distance to Vega in light years minus the number of leap years since it was forged, not counting French statutory holidays.
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