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Simple MS Excel Graph question

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    I was watching this YT film about plotting on Excel.

    I copied the numbers from the film into an Excel sheet and plotted x against y1 and got a blue coloured plot.

    Then I plotted x against y2 and plotted a chart again. Though a second red coloured plot did not appear as in the film. Instead my original plot vanished and the second plot appeared, but again in blue.

    How do I have both the x against y1 in blue, and the x against y2 in red on the same scatter plot?

    Thank you.
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    A scatter plot of 2 lines requires 3 columns. x, y1, y2
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    Try this,

    Make a selection (drag the mouse) from the header of X0 the upper left corner to Y2n, the lowermost right datacell. Then insert graph, scatter plot. That should do it.
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    Thanks Guys!
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