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Single acting cylinders - naming

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    For single acting hydraulic cylinders, how can I specify I need pushing cylinder? Is there a specific name for push or pull cylinders? Please let me know how should I call Cylinders of type 1 and type 2.
    Code (Text):

    |               ||     |
    |               ||=================== --> push
    |               ||     |        rod
        pressure in

    Type 1.

    |       ||             |
    |       ||=========================== <-- pull
    |       ||             |        rod
                     pressure in

    Type 2.
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    Look at page 1.19 in this http://www.bimba.com/pdf/catalogs/FL_OriginalLine.pdf" [Broken] catalog. They tell you how to specify a pull or push cylinder.
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    @Integral: Thank you a lot. :smile:
    What I want is "Reverse Single Acting"

    from http://www.universalsewing.com/tek9...s&srch=&usssearchby=header&usscriteria=299.4":
    Reverse Acting Cylinders: A "pull" type cylinder where the piston rod is normally extended through the front of the cylinder. Air through the front of the cylinder moves the piston rod to the rear. When the air is exhausted an enclosed spring returns the piston rod to its normally extended position.
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