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I Skin effect and electric shock question

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    recently i saw a thread where skin depth was mentioned (I guess in one of my own threads) and then it got me thinking, well imagine we have a rather thick wire thick enough so that for a given frequency there is almost no current running in the middle of the wire due to skin effect.
    let's take an example of say a wire of 30mm in diameter and AC of some 400+Hz or likewise, now the physics calculates that as we approach the middle the current density decreases until it becomes little to none, my question is this,

    if the wire carries some 230V AC, normally by touching such voltage I would get an electric shock (the severity of course depends on the specific circumstances) but what happens if I would only touch the very middle, the center of that wire, would i still get shocked?
    Because according to the skin effect there is almost no current in the center.?
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    If you expose the core you stop it being the core, because EM can get there.
    How could you touch the centre of a conductor without pushing through the surface?
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    Any thread publicly discussing touching live wires at high voltage is far too dangerous. Our guidelines forbid it.

    Thread closed.
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