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Slip system

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    Recently,I study about the slip systems of metals which regarding to the material science subject.
    For face centered cubic(FCC),it slip system is {111}<110>.Hence the number of slip systems is 12.The{111}is the family for (111), (-111), (1-11), (11-1),(sorry!-1 means a bar line on top of 1).
    From what I study about{111}which is the family,it not just containing those few crystallographic planes that I listed out on top,but why other planes are not consider as slip planes for FCC?

    Thanks very much, I appreciate any insight.
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    Slip can occur on other planes, but it's especially easy for a dislocation to move in the close-packed direction along a close-packed plane. For fcc crystals, this means {111}<110>. For bcc, it's {110}<111> (the close-packed direction on the closest-packed plane--there is no perfectly close-packed plane in bcc).
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