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Snapshot tool

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    I have always used transparencies to present in conferences, but right now I decided to do power point presentation. So for this I need to take a "snapshot" from the equations I have in my arxiv papers and paste them into power point. Can you guys tell me how to do the "snapshot"? I know I have done that when I have defended thesis, but I forgot how to do that (my girlfriend guided me through back then). So can you guys remind me of the procedure?

    Another thing: right now I am using a different laptop than I used back then, so it is possible that snapshot tool was on my previous laptop but not this one. So the question is:

    1) How to find out if I have snapshot tool in my current laptop?

    2) How to download it if I don't have it? I prefer to make that download free since I don't have much money

    3) Once I have snapshot, how to use it? What bottoms to push? What command to look for at the top of the screen, etc? I am really bad in computers I need a detailed description.
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    PPT has microsoft equation editor.

    Insert-> Object -> Microsoft equation 3.0

    It is pretty easy to figure out and has a lot of symbols.
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    What you described above sounds like something I would do in power point window. But in order to take a snapshot of the equation IN MY POSTED PAPER, I have to FIRST do something inside the PDF file (namely, take snapshot of one of the equations there) and only THEN use the result of snapshot at powerpoint window. So tell me the first step: how should I take snapshot in pdf file?
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    What integral was suggesting was that you rewrite the equations within powerpoint, rather than take a snapshot from your arXiv paper.

    But if you insist on doing the latter, you can open your document, and capture a screenshot by hitting the PrintScreen key on your keyboard. This captures the active window and copies it to a clipboard. You can now open your preferred image editing program (say, Microsoft Paint), and hit CTRL-V to paste this image. Then use the crop tool to narrow down to the specific equations. Having done that, you copy (CTRL-C) and paste into PowerPoint.
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    Is printscreen the same as print? If not, how can I find printscreen? Also, why would it put stuff on key board?

    But in that window there is more than just one equation which I want to paste.

    By "opening a program" do you mean just open a window that represents that program? If so, why would this help? Or are you saying that by "open" you really mean "download"? I guess I am just confused on what you mean.

    What is "crop tool"?
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    causalset, this is going to be very difficult to walk you through, given the size of the hill to be climbed. Can you not find someone - a friend, or a neighbor - who can show you how it's done? I imagine that would be a lot quicker.

    PS: Before you think about giving PowerPoint presentations, I would recommend you spend plenty of time becoming more familiar with your computer.
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