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So do you think Bulldozer will ever be released?

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    Last I heard AMD was planning on releasing its bulldozer architecture during Q3 later this year. Does anyone thing this will actually ever happen? AMD promised this way back in 2009 and we have yet to see anything. I need to upgrade my desktop in the near future and don't want to wait for something thats not going to be released for another few years.
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    It'll probably happen eventually, but when it does its going to be underwhelming. Kind of like Duke Nukem Forever, been in development for 13 years (or so) and when it gets released it's going to be one of the worst games on the market.

    I recommend to just go with Intel and be done with it. My friend was waiting for Bulldozer to update his system but they took too long for him also. Unless this is something really revolutionary, it's not going to be worth waiting for at all.
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