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Socket T (LGA775) or Socket 478

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    After almost purchasing a motherboard and processor for socket 478 I found a p4 processor for socket T that was cheaper than a p4 processor for socket 478. The thing is I have this proprietary dell motherboard which I now can't get to work with my in-win case. So simply put should I go with the lga 775 stuff since it is newer and is the future, or with the socket 478 stuff which has been around for sometime?
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    Why Intel? Why not AMD?

    When I upgrade every 3-4 years I basically get a new everything. I have found that upgrading parts any sooner is a waste of time and money.

    My advice is to get stabilized parts. The lastest and greatest almost always has problems (hardware or software) and goes through a bunch of revisions .
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    Yea but the good amd processors are much more expensive when compared to a pentium 4 prescott.
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    Um, where do you shop? What speed are you looking for?
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