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Software for viewing/writing LaTeX

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    I'm looking for some software which will allow me to view/write/edit LaTeX equations. At the moment I am inputting my equations into this forum and clicking "preview post" in order to get equations in the LaTeX format, which is pretty unsatisfactory (though up till now has been so irregular as to not make it an issue). So i would like a bit of simple software that will allow me to create LaTeX images simply.

    any recommendations?
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    Try TeXnic center.
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    i've tried stuff like that before and i think i must be doing it wrong :s

    i can input as much LaTeX as i like, but i can't get it to display anywhere? i have the majority of the document prepared in word and just want to add half a dozen formulae. How can i do that in this package? (as you can tell i'm not much of a computer whizz :S)
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    Try Texmaker. Very intuitive software!
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    Old thread...

    But, one of the best Latex toolsets is Kile + Okular. You need to be running Linux, though.

    If you just want to do quick and dirty equations, any text-editor will work fine as long as you have a shortcut to compile the latex to something viewable like DVI or PDF.

    Of course, for any editor to work, you have to have some version of Latex installed.

    Windows - use MikTex

    Linux - use Tex Live
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    I started by using Kile, but now I simply use GNU Emacs (no offence to the vi users). Sometimes I use gedit (GNOME text editor) if I want to copy a lot of text from another source.
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    As a word die hard you could try mathtype, the professional version of the equation editor. You can toggle the formula to be shown as latex. I also use it in connection with latex2rtf to convert tex files into word files if I have to.
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