Soldering tap points onto a coil

  1. Hello All,

    I'm making a long coil for some experiments and I want to put some tap points onto the coil without actually cutting the wire. I was wondering if anyone knows of a simple way to do it?

    The coil is made out of insulated 22 gauge wire (regular not mag wire) wrapped on a core that is 1.5 inches in diameter and about 10 inches long. Currently, I have been using my soldering iron to melt the insulation and then solder short pieces of wire to it but it's messy and I'm sure that the fumes from the insulation are not all that good for you (I do have a fan near by). How would you all do this?

    Jason O
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  3. Try to use a sandpaper to scrape off the insulation.
  4. berkeman

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    Another common technique is to use an Xacto knife to scrape off a bit of the insulation. You can also use the knife to make two partial-circumferential cuts on the insulation a couple mm apart, then slit along the wire between those two cuts and peel back to expose some copper to solder to.
  5. Ahhh makes sense. Thank you both for the suggestions!

    - Jason O
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