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Homework Help: Solve this!

  1. Nov 5, 2007 #1
    Vic was watching a car race on TV. At the instant the flag was lowered to start the race, the picture on TV screen goes out due to surge in the power. When the picture come back on TV, the timer on score board reads 75 s. At this point Vic observes that leading car was on opposite side of the racing track (opposite side to that racing was started). The racing track is oval in shape and 6 Km in length.
    a) Determine leading cars average velocity during the time when TV was without picture? ☺☺
    b) What are two possible distances leading car travelled when TV was without picture? ☺
    c) Given the record for fastest racing car is 450 Km/hr, which is most likely distance-leading car has travelled when TV was without picture? ☺☺
    d) Based on your calculation in (c), calculate leading car average speed when TV was without picture? ☺
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    You first!

    That's how we do things here...
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    ok, I did'nt understand the problem.But I guess that the total length of a tracking field is 6 km and when the power came again, the timer showed the time s 75 s and the leading car is on the opposite side of the track. Please help!!!!
  5. Jul 1, 2009 #4
    The question is horribly ambiguous. Where exactly is the starting point with respect to this oval? But you can probably assume that "being on the opposite side" meant half a lap, i.e. 3km away....

    so...2 possible distances! Considered the possibility of lapping...?

    ***a) is unsolvable without additional info (such as that in part c), either you transcribed it wrongly or it's just set wrongly. After all, it's repeated in part d), no?***
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    I think that the help on this may be a little late.

    The OP was 2 years ago.
    I believe that was the point of the question ... to encourage the student to consider the possibilities of what may have transpired.
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