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Some unknown eqation i want to know about

  1. Jul 26, 2007 #1
    I just wanted to ask you that can u figure out anything from this:

    p= p_0 * (T-0- lemda*z/T_0) ^ g/lemda*R
    T_) = temperature ground per!
    lemda= lapse rate R= universal gas constant!

    You dont have to explain to me anything. I would appreciate it if u could just tell me to what specific topic of physics it relates to. Many thanks.
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    Do you mean something like [tex] \rho = {\rho}_0 (1-\frac{z}{h_2})^{\frac{\gamma}{(\gamma-1)}} [/tex] ?

    If yes, it has somthing to do with the adiabatic law, and atmospheric temperature lapse rate. By the way, I think you mean lamda when you wrote lemda.
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    can someone please guide me to where i could find a relevant explanation online?

    Many thanks.
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