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Something I read somewhere about Spin manifolds, I don't remember where?

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    What I'm about to say is really sketchy since I don't even remember where I read this, and don't really understand the topic, but I thought it was cool. Basically, it said on a spin manifold, a manifold where can do a lift from, for example an SO(3) twisted bundle to Spin(3), the weights of SO(3) take their in values in Z/2. That is nothing new, but it said on a regular manifold, that is, I think, one where SO(3) is not the tangent bundle, SO(3) weights would have values in Z/4.

    Can anyone elaborate?
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    I found what I read. It is not as interesting sounding as I remembered, but it says

    On the other hand, for
    SO(3), the instanton number takes values in Z/4, or in Z/2
    if M is a spin manifold.

    Can anyone explain this?
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