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Speakers, loudness, and electrical input

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    What is the formula for speaker input/output?

    On a related topic, on a motor an input of x (electricity) equals output of y (movement) and an input of y (movement) equals output of x (electricity)
    x=y and y=x
    Is the theory of x=y / y=x applicable to speakers? x=electricity y=loudness
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    You have forgotten to include efficiency. The output of any device will never be equal to the input. And of course some types of motors will not work as generators. But you have the general idea correct. I don't believe there is any magic formula for speakers. The input to output relationship is usually a manufacturers spec and will vary from one transducer to the next. Loudspeakers are generally not considered very efficient at all.
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    the standard measurement is 1 watt at 1 meter to get the sound pressure level that varies with speaker efficiency.
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    jim hardy

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    Just a thought -
    Speakers having DC resistance around 80% of nominal impedance are condemned to low efficiency as converters of electrical to mechanical energy..

    a search on "theory of loudspeakers" should be fruitful.
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