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Speed, Road and Time.

  1. Dec 21, 2011 #1
    Speed is expressed with v.
    It's Unit is m(meter)/s(second) (m/s)

    Road is expressed with s.
    It's unit is m(meter), (m)

    Time is expressed with t.
    It's unit is s(second) (s)

    Finding formulas:

    (Finding s(road)).
    v=s/t*t=v*t=s/t*t/1=s*t/t(simplify t and t)= s . That means s=v*t

    (Finding t(time))
    After we found s formula, we can find the t formula, using the s formula.
    s=v*t:v=s/v=v*t/1:v/1=v*t/1*1/v=v*t/v(simplify v and v)=t . That means t=s/v

    (Finding v(speed)).
    After we found the s formula, using v formula, we can also find v formula using s formula.
    s=v*t:t=s/t=v*t/1:t/1=v*t/1*1/t=v*t/t(simplify t and t)=v. That means v=s/t


    The tasks:

    v=200*1/1000m/1/3600s=200*3600h/1000km(simplify 2 zeros with 2 zeros)=7200h/10km(simplify 1 zero with 1 zero)=720km/h.

    s=3,008km = 3008m
    t=32h = 115200s
    s=v*t:t=s/t=v*t/1:t/1=v*t/1*1/t=v*t/t(simplify t and t)=v=3008m/115200s=0.0261111m/s
    t=32h = 115200s
    v=s/t*t=v*t=s/t*t/1=s*t/t(simplify t and t)=s=0.261111m/s*115200s(simplify s and s)=3007.9987m (almost 3008m(3,008km(s))).
    s=3,008km = 3008m
    s=v*t:v=s/v=v*t/1:v/1=v*t/1*1/v=v*t/v(simplify v and v)=t=3008m/0.0261111m/s(simplify m and m)= 115200.04 (almost 115200s(t)).

    Thank you,
    New Physician, Besfort Shala.
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    And your question is...?
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  5. Dec 23, 2011 #4
    So you just posted this because the formula's looked nice??
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    What's the purpose of the post then? :uhh:
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    Since the OP is apparently unable to explain the purpose of this thread, I am locking it.
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