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Spice and B2 Spice Circuit Schematics Question

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    Hello all,

    I'm completely new to Spice and B2 Spice. I'm analyzing the following circuit components from a circuit which as already been constructed and I'm at a loss as to what some of the connections mean.

    In the first picture, I am not sure what type of connection is being made at OSC and at +OSCHI.

    In the second picture, I am not sure what OS1 and OS2 are connecting to. The third picture simply shows the same component but in B2 Spice.



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    Pins 1 and 5 on a 741 are offset null connections.

    They are connected like this:

    They allow you to produce zero output for zero input which may not otherwise happen due to minor differences in manufacturing.

    Not sure about the OSC connections. Some chips like the 74HC4060 have an oscillator gate which can be used as an oscillator or just as an input for an external oscillator. It may be something like that.
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