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Standing waves on a moving string

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    I have the configuration as shown in attached picture. I know how to calculate string tension and measure frequency if the string is not moving. But what happens if the string is moving at a constant speed? Are there still standing waves? Can we still calculate the string tension? What if the speed of a string is slow in comparison to frequency of standing waves?


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    First, this may belong in a HW section and need to follow the HW guidance requirements.

    Second, consider why and how would the equations change if a string is moving?
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    dr. courtney , tell me how an oscillator would produce a wave on the string ??
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    Strings tend to start vibrating if any one of their resonance frequencies are excited. If an oscillator excites a resonant frequency, a string will vibrate, producing a wave.
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    actually i meant to say how an oscillator would produce a wave on the string , when the string is moving with some speed ??
    don't you think that - the attempt of oscillator for producing a wave may lead to some unordered stuff happening on the string , as it is moving ?? !
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    Sorry if it is in the wrong section.
    I was thinking that waves moving in one direction are "sped up" because of the moving string and waves travelling in the opposite direction are "slowed down". Would we actually see 2 different frequencies or am I completely wrong?
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    The speed of the wave in respect to the medium (string) is not changed by the motion of the string.
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    I understand that. I was talking from the point of view of an outside observer.
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    That point of view is irrelevant for the frequency of the standing waves.
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