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Statics: Bending of a beam/evenly distributed force problem

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    Hello, and sorry for my English, as I am Norwegian.

    I have a statics problem which I can not understand.

    I've taken a pic from my book:

    The problem asks me to find the largest bending stress, σb, in the incisions 1 and 2.

    I have the solution in front of me, I just don't understand what they have done with the evenly distributed force (q). Especially in incision 2, when they find Mb, they have used: Mb = FA*aA-q*2.5m*1.25.

    The q*2.5m I can understand, but where does the 1.25 come from? I thought it should be divided by 2?

    Can someone explain how this works for me?
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    Please confirm what the symbols stand for.

    In particular what is aA and Mb ?

    You have not provided symbols for the reactions at A and B?
    Do you know how to calculate these reactions?

    You should start by writing the equation for the bending moments for 16.2 and 16.3, using x for the horizontal axis and starting with x=0 at A. Can you do this?
    It will have the form M = some function of x and the loads to the left of x.
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