Steel Soap bars: magnetic core, solid?

  1. I bought a Stainless Steel soap bar and it works, it just does. It was from China and hollow inside and I would like to know if that's either a cost cutting measure or how the bar works? What would happen if it were solid?

    Another thing would be if it had a magnetic core, or made from a metal that reacted to magnets a lot more so than Stainless Steel already is. How would this affect the perceived working of the device please?
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  3. I bet on cheapo cost cutting
  4. Well it all works on positive and negative charged ions and I was wondering if a hollow/solid core would change that, even more so if it were a different metal in the core i.e. magnetic friendly or how the ions might change if coming into contact with a magnetic field?

    Actually, I have seen some of the bars that are not hollow. But they cost more.
  5. Basically, I would like to create a version of bar myself in which it has a core that can react to a magnetic field in order to levitate it above a surface, that way it should remain cleaner as it will not come into contact with the germs.

    So I wanted to know if the magnetic field, a different metal and a solid core would have an affect on the working of the bar itself?
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    What's a soap bar in this context? Especially stainless steel ones.
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    The magnetic field wouldn't make a bit of difference.

    Levitating and object using solely magnetic fields is inherently unstable and requires electromagnets to work properly if my memory is correct.
  9. It can be done with pens:
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    Read the description:

    The pen is actually being pushed to the right, but the motion to the right is being prevented by the plastic barrier.

    That's what I mean when I say that magnetic levitation is unstable. You either need a physical barrier to prevent the object from moving, or you need to constantly change the magnetic field using electromagnets.
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  11. I could handle a little terminator, if tastefully done, but to get it off the ground is my main aim.
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