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Homework Help: Steel - Youngs Modulus, Poisson Ratio

  1. Aug 23, 2011 #1

    Quick question on how you would go about calculating this.

    A grade of steel has the following properties;

    Tensile strength = 300 N/mm^2 - (not relevant?)
    Youngs Modulus = 200 GPa
    Poisson Ratio = 0.3

    The grade of steel is 2m long, with a 20mm cross sectional area.

    It is positioned upright and supports a load of 10 tonnes.

    How would you calculate how much shorter or wider it becomes?

    Thank you
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    You should know that E= σ/ε where you can get ε from and hence get the change in length.

    To get how wide it becomes, what is Hooke's law in 2 dimensions?
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