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Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT)

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    The SMiRT conference/symposium has been an important venue over the decades for folks involved in structural mechanics applied to nuclear power systems, from fuel and core components, to large components like pressure vessels, piping, heat exchangers, and related equipment, up through containment systems, etc.

    The symposium is the purview of the International Association of Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (IASMiRT). I've known and worked with a number of members, some of whom were involved since the beginning, or shortly thereafter.

    I only recently realized that the principal founder (Thomas Jaeger) of the organization and conference was also instrumental in establish the journal, Nuclear Engineering and Design.

    Main site - http://www.iasmirt.org/ - has a list of the conference and their transactions.

    http://www.iasmirt.org/history - please read the documents here

    Jaeger professional biography - http://www.iasmirt.org/doc/brandes.pdf
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