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I Substituting a solid body with mass points

  1. Oct 14, 2016 #1
    I ran into the following problem, and stuck for a couple of days now.

    I have a solid body, rigid and and has uniform density. Its mass M, the location of the center of gravity x_M, y_M, z_M and its inertia matrix is known:

    Jx Jxy Jxz
    Jyx Jyy Jyz
    Jzx Jzy Jz

    I have to write an algorithm, which creates maximum 3 mass points xi, yi, zi, mi in a way, that the following properties of the solid body and the sum of the mass points are exactly the same:

    - The mass must be identical ∑i=13mi = M
    - The location of the center of gravity must remain
    xM =∑i=13mi xi/M
    yM =∑i=13mi yi/M
    zM =∑i=13mi zi/M
    - Jx must be unchanged:
    JxM = ∑i=13 (yi2 + zi2) mi
    - The angle of the principal axes to x axis should not change
    JxyM = ∑i=13 xiyimi
    JxzM = ∑i=13 xizimi

    Everything else is arbitrary.

    What I did so far: with simple algebra I managed to find a solution for everything, except for Jxy and Jxz. But I see no way to modify the variables to keep the good parameters and reach the missing ones at the same time.

    Any suggestions are most welcome, many thanks in advance.
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  3. Oct 19, 2016 #2
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