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Suggest basic particle physics book

  1. Jul 4, 2012 #1
    Unfortunately i have no profound knoledge of particle physics but got much enthusiasm and interest in this matter (its years that i am fascinated of this matter so i dont think its somethink temporary). Can someone advise me some books to start with?
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    What is your background? If you have not studied physics there are some popular science books. I remember reading "Facts and mysteries in elementary particle physics" by Martinus Veltman, a Nobel laureate. I don't really know what I would think of it today but if memory serves me right it was a good book at a level not too low. Here is an Amazon link:

    As literature in my first course on the subject we used Martin & Shaw, Particle Physics. Here is an Amazon link:

    I've always liked Griffiths books, and he has written one called "Introduction to elementary particles". This is slightly more advanced though, but the history section in the beginning is great for anyone. And you could probably use it as a first course book.

    The next step is books on quantum field theory and the mathematical formulation of the Standard Model. But this would definitely not be books to start with.
  4. Jul 5, 2012 #3
    i've read about Griffiths books a lot but my level of physicis is lower unfortunately. finished highschool 15 years ago and had no practicle need of the physics knoledge i've acquired so i simply forgot it in time. so i need to start from the basics.
    And thx a lot for your help.
  5. Jul 5, 2012 #4
    Lisa Randall's WARPED PASSGES is an excellent books from an influential particle physicst...no math.....she teaches at Harvard last I heard. This book sticks pretty much within the Stnadard model of particle physics...but has maybe 25 pages [of maybe 475 total] of string theory as well.

    I'm not all that interested myself in intricate details of particle physics, but I found
    this book excellent. She also has a new book out late 2010...THE GOD PARTICLE I believe
    is the name....Try AMAZON books and look for used [inexpensive] copies if you like.
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