Suggestion of a topic for a Statistical Mechanics project

Hi friends,

I have to do a semester project (analytic, computational, or both) for my second course in Statistical Physics - a graduate level course with great emphasis on phase transitions. It will be graded just 15% of the final grade (so, it is not necessary to elaborate exhaustively) and it should consist of some subject related with one of the subsections of this book , excluding chapters 1 to 3.

Now, I've been getting progressively interested in the subject of artificial intelligence (and also neuroscience) and I would like to find a project in which I could more or less intersect AI with Statistical Mechanics and explore some system. The problem is I don't have many ideas. Could you think of some project that I could do? And if so could you go even further and suggest me something in which I could build on and keep exploring and expanding into some research project in the future?

Something that came to my mind was to explore an ising model on a graph.

Whatever you can tell me about some of these thoughts would be nice. Thanks in advance.
Thanks @jedishrfu !

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