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Homework Help: Suggestions for an equilibrium demonstration

  1. Nov 23, 2006 #1
    I just got assigned a project on equilibrium. We have to demonstrate how factors can cause shifts in equilibrium. I got assigned common ion, so I have to show how the common ion effect can affect the equilibrium.

    On Monday we can prepare the chemicals and practice doing the lab once before presenting our project on Wednesday.

    Anyone have suggestions of good demonstrations/experiments that I can do and fit under the above criteria?

    I googled up this:
    http://quiz2.chem.arizona.edu/preproom/Demo Files/lead_chloride_solubility.htm

    It seems like a viable plan but I'm not sure if my school has the chemicals... so if you suggest anything please make sure they are chemicals that are rather easy to obtain or is accessible in a high school environment

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