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Summer study in Australia vs Dual enrollemnt study at community collge?

  1. Sep 19, 2009 #1
    Which will look better?
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    I think we'll need more information.

    What are your goals?

    What will you study in Australia?

    What exactly is dual enrollment? (I think you mean concurrent enrollment in high school and community college, but we have members from all part of the globe so I can't be sure what exactly that is.)
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    My ultimate goal is a PhD.

    The Student Ambassadors sent me mail inviting me to "study" in Australia. Saying It will set me apart on college applications and considerations for other honors. I know It's legit because someone else got invited last year.

    But I already had plan to gain college credits by doing duel enrollment and starting so this immediate summer.

    I want to know would such an experience really help me out getting into a school(UF) as opposed to doing dual enrollment and gaining college credits.

    Here Dual enrollment enables me to graduate highschool with an Associates degree. I find this advantageous as i'd only have 2 years left of a bachelors then I could carry on to a PhD. I can do dual enrollment along the school year I think also, though.
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