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Jeff Ford

Confused beyond reason
I'm looking for a good survey text on aerospace engineering. I found this on but there are no reviews posted. If anyone could recommend this text, or perhaps something with similar information I'd be appreciative.

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Just so we know what exactly it is you are looking for...

When you say "survey text" do you mean an introductory text that touches on the high points of an area with some details so you can get a flavor of the topic? If it is, then a handbook like the one you listed is not going to be very informative for you. It will simply amass a whole lot of information that one is assumed to already be familiar with. It is a reference, not a teaching text.

Jeff Ford

Confused beyond reason
Yes, I am looking for something that gives and overview of the topics commonly taught in an undergraduate program on Aerospace Engineering. Something that will give me a good idea of the topics covered in an aerospace program and the kinds of work aerospace engineers do.


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Introduction to Flight by John D. Anderson

This book was taught in my Sophomore Introduction to Aerodynamics class and is one of the best written books on the subject out there.

Jeff Ford

Confused beyond reason
Looks great! Thanks!

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