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Temperature stresses

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    Hii all..

    I have a question.Suppose there is a cube of side 1m .It is heated by 1°C. The cube is not restrained in any direction. We are required to find out the volumetric strain.

    I am getting it as 3α.

    But my question is that since the cube is not restrained , ∴ there should be no stresses in any direction.
    ∴ εv=(σxyz)(1-2μ)/E
    which gives εv=0.

    plz help..
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    The equation you quote for the strain pre-supposes that there are applied stresses on the object.
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    Hi Vasty. Welcome to Physics Forums.
    Your equation needs to be modified when thermal expansion and contraction effects are involved, as follows:
    Now, can you figure out how the 6 Hooke's law strain equations have to be modified when thermal expansion effects are included?
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    Thanks a lot... :smile:
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