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Tension in cable

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    A 225 kg uniform square sign, 2.00 m on a side, is hung from a 3.00 m rod of negligible mass. A cable is attached to the end of the rod and to a point on the wall 4.00 m above the point where the rod is fixed to the wall. What is the tension in the cable?
    I know I need to use:
    sum of Fx
    sum of Fy
    sum of Torque

    What I'm wondering is how should I do this when I don't know any angles whatsoever? Any help on this would be useful, just knowing this should get me through the problem.
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    The rod is 3 m and the cable is attached 4 m up from the wall. Now if the sign was just a point load at the end of the rod, the angle would be arctan 4/3, correct?
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