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Tension problem :/

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    Here's the problem: A sledge loaded with bricks has a total mass of 18.0 kg and is pulled at constant speed by a rope inclined at 20.0(degrees) above the horizontal. The sledge moves a distance of 20.0m on a horizontal suface. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the sledge and surface is 0.500. (a) What is the tension of the rope?

    I don't know how to even start this problem, or how to find out what the tension is. Can anybody help me?
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    welcome to pf!

    hi mrrocketknigh! welcome to pf! :wink:

    if the speed is constant, then the acceleration is zero, so Ftotal = ma tells us that Ftotal = 0

    so draw all the forces on the sledge, and get them to add to zero …

    what do you get? :smile:
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    What do you mean by "draw all the forces on the sledge and get them to add to zero"? I'm lost.
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    Re: welcome to pf!

    Wait... is it 0??? I tried doing it myself this whole time, but to no avial...
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    draw a diagram of the sledge, then draw all the forces on it …

    what are they?​
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