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Terrible at 3d Visualization

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    I have poor spatial reasoning skills yet I still dream of becoming an physicist(astrophysics really). In Calc I-II and Physics I I didn't have much difficulty because everything can be brought down to a 2d problem at most. Now in Calc III and E&M I am really hitting somewhat of a wall regarding visualizing curves in space and in E&M for example the magnetic field and force due to the field.

    Is this normal, can physicists at a high level not be great at this? Is there any way to really improve on it? I think I have strong skills is logical reasoning that hopefully compensate somewhat but will I get by without being able to truly visually in 3D as well as others?
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    At some point, especially with 11-dimensional stuff and such one can not really visualize the way one is used to as it falls outside one's experiences. I think that people develop different ways to cope with this. What may work well for you is hard to say, but you'll probably have to figure out for yourself.

    More experience and talking with others who are involved with the same topics should help :)
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