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The 15 Best Kinematics Videos You'll Find on Youtube

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    For anyone interested in quickly gaining a basic understanding of kinematics principles, here's a list of 15 top videos.


    1. Position, velocity, acceleration

    2. Derivative graphs

    3. Force

    4. Mass and inertia 1

    5. Mass and inertia 2

    6. Mass and inertia 3

    7. Newton’s 1st Law

    8. Newton’s 2nd Law

    9. Newton’s[/PLAIN] [Broken] Laws

    10. Net force

    11. Gravity and force 1

    12. Gravity and force 2

    13. Gravity and force 3

    14. Projectile motion

    15. How to solve a projectile problem
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    Thanks, I'll check those out !
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