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Medical The Americanization of Mental Illness?

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    Shouldn't it be the Austrian-isation of mental illness?
    If everybody still bases everything on a couple of guys from Vienna a century ago.
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    Well I don't know, that's why I came here to ask the experts. :p
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    Yes, some things are cultural, and culture changes over time.

    "Culture also imprints mental health by influencing whether and how individuals experience the discomfort associated with mental illness. When conveyed by tradition and sanctioned by cultural norms, characteristic modes of expressing suffering are sometimes called “idioms of distress” (Lu et al., 1995)."

    "For example, among members of some cultural groups, “visions” or “voices” of religious figures are part of normal religious experience. In many communities, “seeing” or being “visited” by a recently deceased person are not unusual among family members. Therefore, labeling an experience as pathological or a psychiatric symptom can be a subtle process for the clinician with a different cultural or ethnic background from the patient; indeed, cultural variations and nuances may occur within the diverse subpopulations of a single racial, ethnic, or cultural group. Often, however, clinicians’ training, skills, and views tend to reflect their own social and cultural influences."
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    Actually, they don't. Freud and Jung were not psychiatrists, but psychoanalysts, which is a different animal. If you look at the wikipedia article on psychiatry you'll see it preceeded Jung and Freud by a few decades and continued past them, being only slightly influenced by them for a while. Psychoanalysis has pretty much fallen from favor. The closest descendants of the Viennese duo would be the present day psychotherapists.
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    http://www.ifc.com/movies/mv002004500000/does-your-soul-have-a-cold.php [Broken]

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